A Wake Up Call: Life’s True Purpose (Victoria Wang)

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A Wake Up Call: Life’s True Purpose (Victoria Wang)

Post  Vicky on Tue May 12, 2009 7:28 pm

What is our purpose here on earth? Is it to make a lot of money? Or is it to become the president of the United States? Well, in order to comprehend the real reason for our existence on earth, we must first realize that we are all on Earth, and that there is a reason why we’re all born on Earth, instead of a place where there is nothing but ourselves. We are put on to this planet because we have main goal here – to make it better. Therefore, our journey on Earth gives us the opportunity to realize that we are part of a whole and we are here with passion and curiosity in order to make it a better place; to comprehend the essence of spirituality.

Many people may argue that our purpose on the planet is to attain self-achievement – to earn lots of money and popularity. However, let us think about it this way. Why is it that when we have money and popularity, we just end up wanting more and more of that fame and wealth? Isn’t our goal here to attain self-fulfillment? In addition, why is it that when we go to an orphanage and help the children, we feel a sense of joy and contentment? That is because this is exactly what we are supposed to be doing on Earth! To use our passion to aid in the improvement of nature – including everything that lives in it! Thus, we’re not supposed to be selfish and only think of ourselves, but should instead assist others!

Moreover, we know that in order for our body to function well, all of our cells must work together. Thus, they are part of whole (the body) and they are working to improve the whole. What will happen if one cell becomes egocentric and refuses to work? We develop cancer! Similarly, if our cells know that they are here to serve for the whole – they will willing sacrifice themselves to accomplish this –, then shouldn’t we realize that this is our purpose, too? That we are part of a whole (nature), working to make it a better place? That if we become self-centered (excessive consumerism), the world would start deteriorating (global warming)?

Furthermore, an issue that has started to become increasingly threatening is the problem of global warming. We start noticing that the different weather patterns, melting icebergs, and accumulating green house gases are affecting our lives. What has caused all these changes in nature? Perhaps the extra hour that we used the air-conditioning contributed to this. Maybe that extra time we used our care increased the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere. Thus, it is not hard to realize that we are the cause of global warming. Now think, if we are not part of a whole, then why would something we do affect that whole (nature) so much? The answer is that we are in fact a component of the Earth (our nature). Therefore, it is up to us to decide whether we want to be the somatic cells that contribute to the welfare of the Earth, or to be that cancer cell that will eventually destroy the whole.

Finally, through these examples, we must comprehend how we are a particle of this world, and that everything we do will affect everything else. We are a whole, and that is precisely the essence of spirituality – the realization that we are important not because we have “achieved” something (money), but instead, we are vital become we are part of a process to make ourselves (the whole world) better!

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