Questions From Jason

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Questions From Jason

Post  Jason Jr. on Wed May 27, 2009 12:15 am


I'm a noob please teach me

I got Questions for you

What do you feel towards the Higher Self and the Ego mind.

I sounds like their both some way of thinking we all have and that they influence us but what else can they do, are they really that meaningless.
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Re: Questions From Jason

Post  Steph C on Mon Jun 01, 2009 12:15 am

Hi Jason,

Intersting that no one has responded yet as people on the forum usually do within a few hours but I'm fine with answering you. Firstly to clarify the terms you brought up. I know they are thrown around A LOT ont he forum and it can get very confusing to someone who has not been talking about it all year as we have. But fear not.

The ego mind is basically what we function on from a day to day basis. The thoughts that are always running though your mind, telling you to eat, sleep, procrastinate, you name it. Any thought that passes through your mind is a production of the ego-mind. It is impossible to shut up for more than a few seconds. As a sidenote, meditators strive to clear the ego-mind's ramblings among other things during meditations. So we consider the ego-mind as an ever-present "thing," always driving thoughts. However, we also know that is is essential to our functioning. Without it, we could not process the everyday events that we do, nor interact with other people.

As for the higher self, it is pretty much equivalent to "being," "essence," "observer," and about fifty other names. It the part of ourselves left after the ego mind has been dug out. Kind of hard to imagine right, considering our ego's are always dominating. Anyway, the higher self is the energy of a person that Buddists attempt to become one with. It has a much quieter voice than the ego-mind, in fact it does not "speak" at all. Much of our discussions are about achieving a balance between the ego-mind and the essence.

That being said, you may want to reconsider their "meaninglessness," because they together are your existence. Of course, it is up to you to decide whether, or how much of this, you want to take in. Being on the forum at all and taking part in dicussions is great for figuring all that out. Hopefully this can help you better follow what has been discussed for the past few weeks and get a feel for exactly how we all feel about the egomind/higher self, how they influence us, and what they can do. You might want to browse the blog ( to get a feel for what we've being doing before the forum as well.

Good luck, have fun
Steph C

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