A Change not necessarily for the better

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A Change not necessarily for the better

Post  Michael Chen on Tue May 12, 2009 8:51 pm

Naturally, the world changes and every change is a challenge for the human race. It challenges us to adopt and change ourselves to survive. In recent years, a crises and a new Life Condition has surfaced and the huma race must once again rise to the challenge and go through a change. The aforementioned change however is not merely a change in lifestyle but a transformation of all existing levels of humanity within a person. It also requires the change to be collective and unless the transformation is dramatic enough, the human race may not survive. The environmental crisis we face today has triggered many people to rise up and speak, such as Al Gore, in hope that through their guidance and motivation the rest of us will act. All that is left is the action, the change, and the transformation that is triggers through may means, comes in many types, and will affect us all.
First, the transformation can be triggered through dramatic experiences. These experiences may be spiritual, emotional, or physical. On the spiritual level, we may lose fear and once we lose fear, nothing can hold us from rising to reach an inner understanding and digging in ourselves to unlock the pearl or essence which by itself is an form of transformation. On the emotional level, we may be driven by passion and curiosity for whatever is new and different. These qualities will drive us to improve and will ultimately lead us to transformation. On the physical level, we have Life Conditions and crises, which require us to change in order to survive. The Life Conditions, surfacing on every level of reality, push us by returning to the essence and ultimately transform.
Secondly, transformation itself comes in many kinds and different levels. From the inner to the outer, we have transformations in the essential, emotional, mental, and physical. In the essential, our essence begins to shift and we receive a deep perception of the inside. Deepak Chopra speaks of the insights we receive through this transformation by highlighting the connected intelligence beneath us all and our bodily wisdom being practiced. We begin to see the world as an entity that is flowing and connected. In the emotional, our passion, and curiosity makes us motivated. In the mental, we lose traditional values, belief, and new values, and beliefs are formed. In the physical, we may receive salvation in the face of the environmental crises.
Lastly, the transformation, which by definition is a radical change, will leave us a different person. Our inner restlessness will be calmed when our deepest art is revealed. We will rise in our transition in the never-ending spiral, and we achieve accomplishments on the physical level, which in the cause of the environmental crisis is salvation of the planet.
Transformations are the essence in all of us and it s what keeps us alive. In many cases, it has brought us through hardships and through unity and collective transformation, it might just bring us through this one.

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