Man and God

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Man and God

Post  steve on Sun Jun 21, 2009 4:22 am

There is a story:

A little fish went to his wise grandfather fish and asked "What is this thing called Water I keep hearing about? How can I know Water?" The Grandfather fish said "You are Water. From Water you came and to Water you will go. All that you can see comes from Water and will eventually return to Water."

To truely know Man is to know God, for nothing can be seperate from God. The unfortunate nature of religion is for the teachings of the Saint to be inverted in a generation or two. Should you look past the words and into the meaning of the Saints you will find this common thread "You aren't who you THINK you are. Find out who you really are!"

The cause of all wars and all misery stems from this simple misconception of our sense of identity.

The Disciples asked: "When will the Kingdom of the Father come?" Jesus said "The Kingdom of the Father is already at hand. It is above and below and within and without. You cannot see it because you have not learned how to look into THIS VERY MOMENT."

Great Peace,


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Re: Man and God

Post  Nick_A on Sun Jun 21, 2009 4:53 am

Hi Bob and Steve.

First of all, is there any reason why science would accept a personal God? I doubt it. Can the God concept be other than personal? Yes. If God is beyond time and space and is the source of the laws of creation within time and space. Science can recognize these laws.

How can we understand Man in a way that opens him to human meaning and purpose that is not ridiculous to science? If science is true and the essence of religion is true, what appears as contradiction can only be due to our own misconceptions. Secular religions and new Age cannot satisfy this. Is it possible that Man can be understood through levels of meaning and purpose or relative "necessity?" Yes, but it requires those willing to be open to levels of reality as in cosmology. But only a few are aware of it. Simone Weil was in her own way as she makes clear in this inspired excerpt:

“The sea is not less beautiful to our eye because we know that sometimes ships sink in it. On the contrary, it is more beautiful still. If the sea modified the movement of its waves to spare a boat, it would be a being possessing discernment and choice, and not this fluid that is perfectly obedient to all external pressures. It is this perfect obedience that is its beauty.”

“All the horrors that are produced in this world are like the folds imprinted on the waves by gravity. This is why they contain beauty. Sometimes a poem, like the Iliad, renders this beauty.”

“Man can never escape obedience to God. A creature cannot not obey. The only choice offered to man as an intelligent and free creature, is to desire obedience or not to desire it. If he does not desire it, he perpetually obeys nevertheless, as a thing subject to mechanical necessity. If he does desire obedience, he remains subject to mechanical necessity, but a new necessity is added on, a necessity constituted by the laws that are proper to supernatural things. Certain actions become impossible for him, while others happen through him, sometimes despite him.”

Now we are unconscious creatures of necessity with a good imagination serving a mechanical necessity that denies the conscious experience of human meaning and purpose.

We have to decide if we need to imagine ourselves or acquire the conscious experience of ourselves which transcends our role as unconscious creatures of necessity along with the rest of organic life on earth to be worthy of the name "Man."

The sad part is that without becoming more conscious, there is a good chance we are doomed from our own mutual destruction as a normal result of our cyclical imagination that creates the cycles of war and peace as described in Ecclesiastes 3..


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