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Sustaining Humanity - Fiona Liao

Post  Fionaaa :) on Mon May 11, 2009 10:29 pm

We as a species are in midst of an environmental crisis. The year of the point of no return is approaching fast, although scientists are not sure of the exact date. Disasters are happening more and more frequently, and more and more human lives are at risk. We have to act now, and we have to act boldly. however, to solve and half this calamity coming at full-speed, we have to understand it. Only when we fully understand our enemy can we defeat it.
The environmental disaster was created by our minds. In the decades before the 20th and 21st centuries, humans were focused on growing as a society - the industrial revolution brought the world to a whole new level. Nations prospered and many humans lived at comfortable levels. however, humans were not satisfied at living and being as good as the society. They started searching for identity and uniqueness. The mind wanted to prosper, it wanted to be better than everyone else. Because of technology, wealth and materialism was created. Our minds then came up with the idea that if it could obtain more wealth, it could be better and more powerful than everyone else. This belief started to spread, and as a result excessive consumerism and greed came into existence. This greed, the demand for material, exceeded the earth's capability to supply. Thus , global warming manifested.
Al Gore said that we never intended to create this disaster. The mind never intended for its egotism and desire to be better to cause this spiral of suicide. However, it did happen, whether the mind wanted it to or not. In response to this environmental stress, we as humans will have to adapt and change. We created the mess, so we have to change the factor inside us that created it - the mind. it hates change, so many people who are slaves to their mind will resist change, resist the critical thinking and effort it takes to overcome the mind. The revolution is unprecedented, whoever would have thought we had to go against our minds, the very thing that separates us from animals? But ironically, the solution is to bring our most natural aspects out again. We have to learn from nature in order to defeat the manipulations of our mind. our cells, our body, the most obvious example of the workings of nature, provides priceless lessons for us to learn. The cells teach us to not be greedy, to constantly adapt and rid ourselves of outdated thinking, to work together as a community towards a common purpose. We have to passionately and with curiosity, adapt these teachings into our everyday lives.
By passionately following nature, we can ultimately save ourselves from death. Our beings and essence are controlled by nature, so by following nature's lessons, the being/essence will permeate. This will bring us to a whole new level. After solving the crisis, the driving force of our lives will be our being. Our future will therefore be dominated by our essence/being and the kind of manipulation resulted from he mind will be buried beneath it, beneath the workings of nature.
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