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format of your posts

Post  Ajk on Wed May 13, 2009 10:00 pm

Hi All!
I hope that your Wednesday evening is finding most of you, save for Fiona, Emily, Rosa and who is that last straggler with AP Econ that I am missing??? are all doing well in your post AP recovery. Especially you, Soph. Mad Laughing you are so funny; you should've seen your face, and really heard your tone when I asked you about APES. yeah. So, I hope it's better for everyone. The brain drain can be replaced by a good nights rest..

HEY, so what we've been alerted to in 10B is that the posts that do not paragraph, or use double spacing as a paragraph are overwhelming to the moderators and any other readers. So please, when posting, use a double spacing between paragraphs. This format isn't acceptable within formal essays, but it is an acceptable digital/electronic communication format, and is what is the standard.

New thought, new idea? Double space to give a pause and then begin the new thought. Just as you'd do with an indent to a new line without the double spacing in an essay in order to flag the reader - HEY! New topic! Shift!

You all are doing great. The forum is vibrant with your voices and I am loving it! Rock on honors sophs who are almost juniors now.....

c ya! What a Face

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